Vegan Cauliflower Rice

Vegan Cauliflower Rice

Here is a vegan cauliflower rice dish from vegan recipe creator Anna @foodmarshall made with our ginger-turmeric-curry sauce.

Anna writes:”Turmeric and ginger are powerful medicinal spices that have anti inflammatory effects. The benefits of using cauliflower as a “rice” makes this dish gluten-free and grain-free, while also providing a slew of nutrients. Cauliflower has sulforaphane, an antioxidant that can help reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease. Also, this delicious dish is soy-free since I used Coconut Secret sauces as the seasoning base.”

Thanks so much Anna for these informative insights and your scrumptious recipe made with our new soy free Ginger-Turmeric curry paste! Keep them coming ~ we love them!


  • 2-3 cups cauliflower rice (can lightly steam or leave raw)
  • 1 cup purple cabbage, shredded (steam or leave raw)
  • 1-2 cup kale, chopped (steam or leave raw)


  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Aminos Ginger-Turmeric Sauce
  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Aminos
  • 2 Tbsp sesame oil
  • Juice 1 lemon
  • Sprinkle with sesame “gomasio" (toasted sesame seeds and sea salt) 


Combine sauce ingredients into a large bowl and stir well, then add veggies and toss together until evenly coasted.

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