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Wow! I have tried a lot of these bars and yours are the best! I have been looking for a bar that doesn't have agave in it, is gluten free, organic, low sugar and non-gmo - not easy to do right? So happy I found your bars, they are seriously the best tasting bars EVER and they have such clean ingredients. When I can't get to food and need something healthy to eat in a pinch that will stabilize my blood sugar, your coconut bars are the perfect sweet treat. This bar just melted in my mouth.
- Trinette R. ~ San Rafael, CA

What an absolutely heavenly bar. It is subtle, flavorful, satisfying, and the mouth feel is divine. Then I turned to your website - what an inspiring story. I am so glad you persisted until finding the perfect coconut toddy/nectar. As someone who has been hypoglycemic off and on, it is really grand to find such a lovely treat, and to feel good about eating it. You outclass nearly every bar out there. Thank you. Journeys like yours promote hope and health for everyone.
- Deepti Zaremba ~ Boston, MA

I used to love Mounds bars, but these are even better. And for someone who needs to watch their sugar intake, these coconut bars are just wonderful. My absolute favorite treat!
- Anette P. ~ Memphis, TN

I just wanted to send you a thank you email. My family and I recently discovered your chocolates and have been greatly enjoying them. Thank you for taking the time to develop healthy and nutritious chocolate bars. We are very grateful that they are Sugar Free/SOY Free/Fructose Free/Agave Free/ everything that acts like a good substitute for sugar when its not Free. Thank you very much for your chocolate bars.
- James Flores

Hello! I stumbled across the "classic coconut bar" and was floored!!  So good and AMAZING ingredients!  Brought me so much joy!  Thank you so much for developing an amazing product.  I will be buying more and more for myself, friends and family.
- Ashley

The Classic Coconut Bar

The Classic Coconut Bar

Ingredients: Coconut*, Real Chocolate Coating*, (Cocoa Liquor*, Coconut Crystals*, Cocoa Butter*), Coconut Nectar*, Coconut Oil*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Vanilla Extract* *Certified Organic Contains Tree Nuts (Coconut)

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Coconut Secret Candy Bar (Classic)


Everyone knows that Coconut and chocolate are magic together. At Coconut Secret, we’ve taken this perfect fusion to a new level. Our single-origin real dark chocolate coating was created for us by one of the top artisan chocolate companies in the U.S. and is sweetened with our own, low-glycemic Coconut Crystals. The creamy coconut filling is sweetened with our Coconut Nectar. Put them together and your taste buds are in heaven!


Coconut Secret bars started with a simple dream: To produce a delicious line of low-glycemic snacks for our diabetic parents. That quest led us to the remarkable bounty of the coconut tree. The Coconut Nectar and Crystals that we use to sweeten our bars comes from the sap of the tree and has a low glycemic index of just 35. In addition, coconut and its oil helps to slow down the entry of sugar into the bloodstream – an added bonus for those watching their sugar intake.

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