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The mint bars are truly sublime. They are art. What texture and flavor. I could cry! You are a genius, and have contributed to the maintenance of my well being as a diabetic.
- Dr. Bev U. ~ Toronto, Canada

I just wanted to comment on your fabulous, informative, thoroughly seductive website. I ate one of your Mint Coconut Bars tonight and I'm infatuated. I can't wait to try everything! Thank you.
- Emi B.

Loved your Mint Coconut Bar! I bought it to cut into pieces to serve after a fancy dinner, but I ate the whole thing. Heavenly! Best "candy" I ever ate. It’s real food. I'm going to try everything else that you make. Great for hypoglycemia, gluten and dairy intolerance. This is obviously a state of the art treat! Thanks so much!
- Sandra L.

Hello, I am a new customer who today purchased the best-tasting candy bar on earth; the Mint Coconut Bar! I love it. It's the best answer/replacement to a handful of "Thin- Mints" money can buy. So I went online and read about your products and love how you have ever so gracefully embraced transparency about what is in this amazing food. Thank you and congratulations on your Non-GMO Project verification!
- Carrie H.

I cannot tell you how incredibly perfect and complete this creation is. Seriously. I have found my soul-mate snack. Starting with the (pepper)mint, my favorite treat flavor. Perfection; the amount, strength and flavor. Perfection. Then, the cacao nibs gives me chills, and then renders me speechless. Ah! Their perfect ‘crunch’, gentle flavor (the peppermint compliments the cacao’s natural slight bitterness on the back, perfectly), and just their all-around velvety smooth presence. With a lump in my throat and a bit of a mist, I have found what I love."
- Andrea Swedberg

Mint Bar

Mint Bar

Ingredients: Coconut*, Real Chocolate Coating*, (Cocoa Liquor*, Coconut Crystals*, Cocoa Butter*), Coconut Nectar*, Cacao Nibs*, Coconut Oil*, Peppermint Oil*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Vanilla Extract* *Certified Organic Contains Tree Nuts (Coconut)

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Chocolate Covered - Mint Coconut Candy Bar


Creamy coconut filling blended together with mint and toasted cacao bits, covered in real Ecuadorian dark chocolate made specially for us by one of the top artisan chocolatiers in the U.S A satisfyingly sweet burst of flavor done the Coconut Secret way!


Coconut Secret bars started with a simple dream: To produce a delicious line of low-glycemic snacks for our diabetic parents. That quest led us to the remarkable bounty of the coconut tree. The Coconut Nectar and Crystals that we use to sweeten our bars comes from the sap of the tree and has a low glycemic index of just 35. In addition, coconut and its oil helps to slow down the entry of sugar into the bloodstream – an added bonus for those watching their sugar intake.

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